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Google Takes On DirecTV Now, Launches YouTube TV For $35 Per Month

Mar 01, 2017 05:51 AM EST

In a bid to compete against mainstream cord-cutting TV services like DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue, Google has officially launched YouTube TV. And as it goes, the new service might be giving its competition a run for their money.

GSMArena reports that YouTube TV will be incorporating about 40 live channels for consumers who want additional perks after their experience on cable. Moreover, the service features live streaming from channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN and along with other local channels and popular cable networks. Meanwhile, add-on networks such as Showtime and Fox Soccer Plus are also included.

Google's YouTube TV will also include a DVR system that will work seamlessly with on the cloud in which users can stream. This feature will enable customers to enjoy their streaming while not having to worry if they would ever run out of space in their storage. YouTube Red is likewise included for users who would still like to watch YouTube's exclusive content along with browsing the service without ads.

The membership of YouTube TV's subscribers will be comprising of six accounts under the $35 per month fee. Google is quick to add that this subscription comes with no commitment. As such, every account will include recommendations along with a personal DVR that has no storage limits. On the other hand, the only limitation that is included is that users are only allowed to watch up to three DVR streams at once.

As per Engadget, YouTube TV is still lacking some of the most sought TV networks such as Viacom, Discovery, AMC, A&E and Turner, TNT and TBS. CNN has also been noted to be left out among the available new channels on the service - an advantage from its now rival PlayStation Vue which currently features the channel. Google's YouTube TV will be made available to its users this spring.

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