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Nokia 3310 Latest News & Updates: Finnish Company Goes Retro Though With Some Limitations

Feb 28, 2017 03:30 AM EST


Nokia has finally revealed its much-awaited Nokia 3310 and folks all over the world are aching to get one for themselves. The Finnish company formally introduced the iconic device which now comes with a few tweaks at the Mobile World Congress 2017.

The Nokia 3310 carries a slightly different look though folks who lived to see the old version may see some similarities. Aside from the usual functions that include calls, text and even the ‘Snake’ game, the Nokia 3310 now allows folks to browse the web. For those into social media apps, sad to say but the Nokia 3310 has left that out.

But then again, the Nokia 3310 cost only around $50. With such a low price, there has to be something left out, CNN reported. It wasn’t designed to compete with the flagship smartphones in the market. Rather, the Nokia 3310 seems to cater to start-up and mid-range users who simply need a device to call, text or browse. In all, the revived mobile phone was made for the masses in what could have a different kind of intent.

HMD, the group now behind the revival of the Nokia brand, may be targeting the mid-level market which is technically a wide open race. Samsung is still a player in that segment, same with the likes of HTC, LG, and Huawei. While those brands are focusing on squeezing in as many features as possible at a pretty affordable price, Nokia is banking on brand recall, efficiency and device longevity to draw in attention, Tech Radar reported.

Aside from that, folks may want to lower their expectations a bit. If they are looking for high-end features, their best bet is the Nokia 6 which also debuted at MWC 2017. For those feeling nostalgic, the Nokia 3310 should be a wise buy, either for use or simply for collection as suggested by CNet.

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