May 15, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

Apple Does encourage iOS 10.3 Users to Enable Two-Factor Authentication For High Security Purposes

Feb 27, 2017 09:49 AM EST

Ever since the iCloud hack and other iOS jailbreaks, Apple Company has been encouraging consumers to use two-factor authentication. It has been noticing that running an iOS 10.3 beta without two-factor enabled which Apple suggests that users need to enable the feature through push notifications.

Apple does encourage users to secure their accounts as best as they can. By clicking the notification area will bring users to the Settings app where it illustrates and explains what the two-factor authentication is and steps on how to enable it.

According to Nashville Chatter Class, the two-factor authentication is an addition of a security applied along with consumer's username and password. It is an additional layer of security once your password and username have been verified; a code will be sent to your phone through the message. By this, if ever there's someone trying to log in by guessing your username and password, they can't be able to log in because of the needed code, making it more secure.

Apple encourages users to open their device's Settings and turn on the two-factor authentication which is the best wat to keep everyone's account secure; it even protects even if someone knows your password. This two-factor notification by Apple doesn't go away automatically; you can wipe it out by manually clearing it or enabling the two-factor authentication. According to Indilens, unlocking your phone doesn't get rid the two-factor authentication notifications.

Apple's plan to install an improved focus on two-factor authentication is one of the company's excellent works and must be updated to keep this security unbreakable. As of now, Settings and alert notifications only appear for iOS 10.3 beta users. Fortunately, Apple is now planning to give regular users the same notification by the time that the iOS 10.3 will be released in public this year. Apple's two-factor authentication gives an extra layer of security to all Apple IDs and iClouds which are something important to keep.

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