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iPhone 7 Latest News & Updates: Apple Finds Itself Dealing With Flaming Handsets As Well

Feb 26, 2017 07:56 AM EST

When it comes to fire-causing handsets, Samsung and its Galaxy Note 7 comes to mind. Apple has been spared from the issue until an 18-year-old reported an iPhone 7 Plus catching smoke. Eighteen-year-old Brianna Olivas got the shock of her life with the incident which is currently being looked into by the Cupertino company.

The alleged iPhone 7 Plus was recorded by her boyfriend and then posted on Twitter. The iPhone 7 Plus showed a melted plastic case sitting on a bathroom basin billowing smoke, CNet reported. This is the latest fire-related incident to the iPhone 7 following a previous one back in October in Australia. That case even destroyed a user’s car.

As far as the current claim on the iPhone 7 Plus catching fire, Olivas bared that she bought the device via Spring last Jan. 4. The device hardly showed problems until recently. Worth noting is that the iPhone 7 Plus she had didn’t turn on despite having 56-percent battery remaining. The phone did turn on and off again, malfunctioning that could be tied up to a defective unit or battery.

With the video going viral, Apple has reportedly collaborated with Olivas regarding the incident, 9 to 5 Mac reported. Olivas was reportedly sleeping at that time when her boyfriend picked up her iPhone 7 Plus and noticed smoke. Thankfully nothing untoward happened such as her place catching fire.

There is no certainty right now if this has anything to do with the celebrated battery bug plaguing iPhone 6s models. Some iPhone owners were experiencing shutdowns issues back in the Fall with battery percentages plunging from 50-percent to 1-percent (or turn off) inexplicably, Fortune reported. iOS 10.2.1 allegedly comes with a fix for it, something that will reportedly fix 70 to 80 percent of affected iPhone models. There was no mention if it involves the latest iPhone 7/ 7Plus, models.

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