Dec 13, 2019 | Updated: 02:50 PM EST

Google Pixel & Pixel XL Owners Swarm Online Forums With Bluetooth Complaints; Pin Blame On February Security Update

Feb 25, 2017 07:27 AM EST


The Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL have quickly emerged as some of the most loved smartphones of its generations since they were announced. People were quick to be excited over Android developer and tech giant Google finally launching a smartphone that carries its name. While that may be the case, critics also paid closer attention to Google's new models. However, these devices have been plagued with several problems, including issues with the speaker phone and the camera.

Android Police points out that one particular bug about the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL was that the Bluetooth would spontaneously turns on and off for no particular reason. While a user can turn it back off if it turns on on its own, many users have found this bug annoying. Some even had issues concerning data security with this Bluetooth issue.

The cause for this error on the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL is not yet known. However, many are blaming the recent February security update. One of the update's fixes is related to privilege escalation in Bluetooth. Therefore, in trying to make Bluetooth more accessible and convenient, it looks like the update messed up the phone's settings. A person who claims to be an employee of Google posted on Reddit that the company is currently looking into this issue, but there has been no official word from Google itself as of this moment.

There have also been rumors that the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL would soon go out of production following these issues. But then, again, these smartphones are the first ones to carry Google's name and such is not very likely to happen. After all, all these issues can be fixed in the next update and users of these smartphones are first in line when it comes to the latest Android updates.

Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL users have swarmed online forums with complaints regarding this connectivity issue. This happens in such a way that the Bluetooth setting gets disabled every time the phone gets switched on or when it reboots. This issue forces users to repeatedly set the Bluetooth option every time the phone restarts. For now, we wait for Google to come out with an official statement, or just wait for the next update so it can redeem itself.

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