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OnePlus 4 Update: Dual Camera, Longer Battery Life, Specs, & More

Feb 17, 2017 08:52 AM EST


A better OnePlus is said to be coming on its way for its customers. With the latest innovations created at this new handset, OnePlus4 is expected to be better than its predecessors.

The flagship phone of OnePlus, which is also called as the OnePlus 5, will be launched with other new phones from other companies at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain this Feb. 26. Various reports like the Trusted Reviews said that with the new specs and features, it could be the new tough competition of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 8.

TrustedReview said in their report that the OnePlus 4/OnePlus 5 have dual-camera with 16 megapixels and 12 megapixels. Battery life is also their edge to other smartphones as its battery has 4, 400mAh, which is one of the highest battery life among smartphones.

A video posted by Concept creator in his YouTube show that the new OnePlus phone could have three color variants to serve as choices on its customer. According to OnePlus' official site, OnePlus 4 have four choices of color: black, blue, gold, and white

A report by Phones Review shows that OnePlus 4/OnePlus 5 is equipped Snapdragon 835 processors with Adreno 540 graphics, a handset with 6GB DDR4 Ram, and 64 GB and 128GB variants worth of built-in storage. The phone's storage is also expandable by up to 256 GB with its microSD. The phone's operating system is the new Android v7.0 Nougat.

So when is it going to be released on the public? In an article by PC Advisor, the public could expect a launch event of OnePlus4/OnePlus5 in May or June 2017 but not later than June or July 2017. In OnePlus's official website, they indicated that the new OnePlus phone would be launched in March 2017. With the release date, OnePlus did not follow their traditional annual date of releasing phones.

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