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LG G6 Latest News & Updates: Newest Flagship Will Be The Spotlight This Coming MWC 2017; Comparison From LG’s G5 Last Year

Feb 17, 2017 08:11 AM EST


The LG Company recently released a statement that they will bring their new flagship handset all the way to Barcelona this Feb. 26, 2017, the latest LG G6. Everyone is going to be excited for their new hottest Android phone.

This year, there's no Samsung Galaxy S8 that will land this MWC 2017, as the Samsung Company already mentioned that they will not bring their flagship handset, so the full attention will be focused on LG G6. LG was disappointed in terms of sales with their last year's G5 and they are now trying everything to be a big hit with their LG G6 plus the absence of Samsung.

LG G6 seems to be a complete departure from its predecessors, according to PC World. Last year, LG released its modular phone concept G5 which was made with a bigger battery, camera grip, digital audio converter, and a bunch of features of swappable Friends designed to add its functionality; that's the LG G5. But with the new LG G6, it will be a standard handset without any detachable parts.

According to Wall Street Journal, LG G5 was comparatively smaller phone than the upcoming LG G6; last year's G5 was made with a 5.3-inch 1440 x 2560 display while LG G6 is going to be a bigger one, which features a Full Vision 5.7-inch LCD taller than the usual 18:9 ratio. Predictions claimed that the greater immersion will allow users to multitask by simply using Nougat's dual-screen feature.

LG G6 screen will be thinner, more reactive, power efficient and brighter allowing consumers to see the screen clearer under the midday sun. The new LG device has also an ultra-skinny bezel and has a particular size above its display to fit the sensors and camera properly.

In the smartphones history, LG was one of the first phones to feature dual-camera system. The LG G6 is equipped with a 16MP main camera and an 8MP super wide angle one which makes the grid of the image in a 135-degree field of view, plus a f/1.8 aperture and optical image stabilization.

LG has recently announced that the G6 will be released for the first time at noon on Feb.26 at Saint Jordi Club somewhere in Barcelona, Spain. The price is predicted to hit with the range from $500-$600, as suggested by The Verge.

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