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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Update: Set To Launch at MWC 2017; Galaxy 8 Not Be Shown To Public?

Feb 16, 2017 09:18 PM EST


Visitors of the Mobile World Congress 2017 booth would be the first witness of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 as it would be the main highlight of the event. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, the two new smartphones of the South Korean-based mobile tech giant would also be on the event but the viewing would only be limited to investors and partners.

CNET has published on their website that the rumored specs of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 are a 9.6-inch screen with 12MP back shooter, 5MP selfie camera, 2,048x1,536-pixel resolution, and silver S Pen stylus worth $30. Not only that, it is rumored to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB flash memory and WLAN, LTE and Bluetooth connectivity.

Greenbot published that there are already numerous leaks on the tablet's image, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certifications, FCC clearance, and benchmarks. The leak also said that the S Pen stylus could be carried separately because of the lack of slot on the device.

At $600 as the starting price, the table could already run with Android 7.0 Nougat OS. The smartphone would also be available in silver, white, and black color for more choices on interested buyers.

Express UK noted that the starting price of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is higher compared to the other competitors. An iPad Air 2 with 32GB costs less than the smartphone with $400 starting price. The website noted that the phone should have promising updates in order to live up to its price.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus Limited Viewing; Would Be Launched At March 29

Although the media and public would not get a glimpse of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, it would be launched next month, March 28. However, avid Samsung fans will have to wait for a year for the new smartphones to hit the shelves.

In an article published by GSM Arena, a Twitter user named @Riccioli1 said that the smartphones would be available for sale to the public at the 17th week of 2017 and would be launched at multiple cities in the US and Europe.

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