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Yes, You May Now Install Via Google's Search Results

Jan 20, 2016 01:35 AM EST

Around a month or so ago, Google Search users on the desktop may have noticed a new section on the Google Search results: “Apps.” Now, you can even install an app directly from the search results on mobile.

According to Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land, Artem Russakovskii reported that some Android users can install their apps from the search results. Upon a closer look, Artem Russakovskii had posted a screenshot and asked other Android users whether they were able to install directly from the search results. However, he himself still gets redirected to Google Play after tapping on an app result.

Some users on his thread, such as Austin Stately, and “Virtual Anomaly” reported that yes, they could actually install the app straight from the search results. Austin Stately even shared a screenshot which shows that he could, indeed, install the app straight from the Google Search results.

A good majority of Artem Russakovskii’s contacts still report being redirected to the Google Play Store, however, giving the impression that the feature is being rolled out in stages, with selected Androids. Google has been known to roll out new features in stages and batches, given the fact that its user base numbers to the billions. Not a big problem, but for those anxious to try out the new feature, the wait may be a bit of a pain.

This means that users who are just researching on one app, or similar apps on Google, hoping to read articles, may be able to install apps, even as they’re just browsing or researching. This means that developers who are looking for exposure for their apps will get exactly that, with this new search integration from Google.

This comes as welcome news, as this means a greater convenience for Android users. It’s good to know that Google is always after finding new ways to make the Android experience much, much easier.


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