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LeEco Set To Enter the Smartphone Market With Le Max Tomorrow

Jan 20, 2016 02:36 AM EST

Chinese video streaming company LeEco (or Le Ecosystem), a rebrand of LeTv, is set to launch Le Max with Le 1 smartphones to the Indian market tomorrow (Jan. 20).

As the world’s leading live streaming cloud platform continues to establish its intent to extend its reach beyond China, it took on several strategic moves to create ripples not just only within the Chinese market, but to include foreign boundaries as well. A week earlier, news spread about the company’s re-branding, to change its name from LeTv to LeEco as well as a brand new logo to go with the name. An interconnected letters “L” and “E’’, said to represent a closely-knitted eco-system, which LeEco aspires to create, compose the new logo of the conglomerate.

“The four strokes which comprise “LE” each represents one of the four tiers of the Le Ecosystem – Platform, Content, Device and Application. The dot formed by the overlapping of two strokes symbolizes the pivot of the entire ecosystem: EUI and Le Fans," quotes LeEco regarding the design of the logo, source. "The connection and interaction between the letters “L” and “E” expresses the LeEco spirit of constant disruption, breaking boundaries and eco synergy.” An integrated technology, culture within the bounds of the virtual world and the Le Ecosystem, is represented by the colors in the logo--blue, red, green, and grey, Le Eco adds.

To possibly further strengthen this campaign, LeEco is bound to enter the Indian smartphone market with Le Max and Le 1 tomorrow. In connection to this, another source reveals that the unveiling which will be held in Gurgaon, New Delhi, will be aired through a live stream on Facebook.

The full specs and features of the to-be-launched LeEco’s smartphones have not yet surfaced the headlines. There are bits of information claiming that the Le Max handset features a 6.33-inch Quad HD display and is fired up by 2.0GHz octa-core Snapdragon 810 chipset and 4GB RAM. This Android v5.1 (Lollipop) based smartphone displays a 21MP rear camera as well as a 4MP front-facing camera.

Earlier reports indicate that LeEco will also unveil Le Max Pro reported to be packed with a high-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 premium chip, which will also fire up Xiaomi’s Mi5 (one of the competitors in the low-cost mobile brands) in the first half of 2016. With the number of cost-efficient mobile brands and makes that are being made available in China,

LeEco has a lot to contend with. Along with the launch of the LeEco handsets, the company is bound to unleash a swarm of supporters as well as detractors, like all other brands that have forayed ever competitive smartphone market.

Tomorrow awaits. We will see what LeEco has to offer.

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