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Apple Os 2 Watch Will Not Be Released As Expected

Jan 21, 2016 08:29 PM EST

With another report that currently filled the headlines detailing a much later release of the second generation Apple watch, the market starts to wonder, when will the much awaited Apple OS 2 watch be available?

Previous claims of 9to5mac Senior Editor Marc Gurman indicate that the tech giant is planning to unveil the next generation Apple watch during a company event in March. This could also be the day when the iPhone 6c will be unveiled, according to Gurman's sources. As another source claims that the company might be releasing upgrades to the earlier version of the watch on a 1.5-year cycle, we might see the next gen Apple watch in September instead. The first generation Apple watch was released in late April last year.

Considering this, TechCrunch opines that we will not see an Apple Watch 2 in March, instead “design partnerships” and “accessories”.  Moreover, the report also suggests that Apple is likely to ship a minor revision of the Apple Watch which will include a FaceTime camera and not much else, and still would not be a full “Watch 2.0” with casing changes as well as major improvements, the source adds.

Accordingly, Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin also reveals through that the Apple Watch supply chain is not moving at all. This is taken as a sign that the next generation Apple Watch is not in production quite yet. He goes on to say that orders would have been placed in the latter part of 2015 if a shipment for a new product is planned to be completed by the first half of 2016.

What makes the Watch OS2 fascinating are the number of things that a user can do with it. With the next generation, Apple watch users have more ways to personalize the watch that has all of the functions of an iPhone.  As it also features tracking as well as health-monitoring capabilities that is integrated with and other Apple products and services, a possible buyer who opts to own any of these incredible watches would see that life can be a lot easier to manage. 

Concern about paying the bills while on the go? You can do more than just that with the Apple watch 2. Payments, passes, transit, as well as loyalty and a number of other predictive features, are provided in this versatile new generation Apple watch. All of these are made possible by a few Bluetooth LE-capable devices and/or beacons.

Finally, with Watch OS 2’s expanded HomeKit as well as Siri support,  users are provided with the best features available for the future. The New HomeKit devices will be rolling out in the market soon that can enable many of these things.

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