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"Tap 10" With Android Pay And Get Freebies, Possibly Even A Chromecast

Jan 18, 2016 02:33 AM EST

Have you started using Android Pay just yet? No? Well, Google just cooked up an incentive to get new users tapping their payments via NFC with Android Pay partner merchants: Enter “Tap 10.” The new payment method is an ongoing promo from Google that rolled out on Jan. 15, and will be in place until Feb.29, 2016 at 11:59:59 PM Pacific Standard Time. The terms and conditions are outlined on the Tap 10 Rewards Terms and Conditions Page.

Android Pay’s Tap 10 Rewards Terms and Conditions Page:

The mechanics are simple. If you haven’t used your Android Pay function just yet, the first 10 taps from now until the promo ends will earn you rewards points, which you can exchange for Google Play Music songs, or even a Chromecast device. It’s a nifty promo that may get you tapping with your Android Pay-enabled device, right here, right now.

The only concern for users may be this: With the recent phishing and malware attacks, there might be a general wariness across the board. However, here are some tips to keep your Android and your payment apps, including Android Pay, relatively safe:

-Don’t use Android Pay on a rooted device. Unless you know your way around rooted devices, or you’re a dev yourself, and you feel confident that malware won’t hijack your money, then go ahead. Remember that being on a “rooted” status allows apps, malware included, into your Android’s kernel. This means that if there’s a Trojan Horse sitting somewhere on your device, it could very well hijack your Android Pay app easily. So take an extra layer of protection and use Android Pay only with unrooted Androids.

-If you have an anti-credit card personal finance policy in place, use Android Pay with a prepaid debit card, or a debit card that isn’t linked to an account with a large amount of money. This way, you may be able to downplay your apprehensions about any possible electronic theft. For electronic payments, using credit cards is really the better option, as credit card companies take measures against credit card theft.

-Use the Android Device Manager if you ever lose your phone. You may also try to work out a kludge about regularly wiping your device of your information if you’re THAT paranoid. Android Device Manager:

So, keep our tips on how to use Android Pay safely, Tap away with your first 10 Android Pay purchases, and enjoy the rewards! Here’s hoping you get to snag a Chromecast. Remember, the Tap 10 offer ends on Feb. 29, 2016, at 11:59:59 PM Pacific Standard Time, and you will be able to redeem your rewards until March 31, 2016, at 11:59:59 PM, PST.



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