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AirDroid: The Android Sync App To Beat All Other Sync Apps?

Jan 18, 2016 02:21 AM EST


If you ever find yourself too busy to move from your keyboard, let alone your desk, let alone spend a couple of minutes texting your significant other that, yes, you’ll grab the milk on your way home, there’s another device synchronizing app that you could use, and it’s more powerful than Pushbullet. Enter AirDroid 3.

AirDroid 3 works like Pushbullet but is, even more, powerful: One of its features includes allowing you to mirror your Android and access it from your PC. Yes, you will be able to navigate through your Android, play games, access the apps, and yes, possibly even do maintenance functions, straight from your PC. It’s like a built-in remote SMS sync, file transfer app, emulator, device mirror, and you may even browse your Android filesystem through your browser.

Indeed, it is a more powerful solution, compared to Pushbullet. What’s the catch, though? The FREE account only lets you connect up to 2 Androids, and allows only 200MB of data transfer between devices. On the other hand, AirDroid PREMIUM is absolutely affordable at only US$1.99 a month, or US$1.67 a month if you pay annually at US$19.99, or US$1.62 a month if you pay for two years at US$38.99.

At this price, you get to access your SMS from the desktop or web client of AirDroid, have mirrored/emulator-like access to your Android from the desktop client, access your Androids’ filesystems from the Web app, call contacts from the desktop client, and even access your Androids’ cameras remotely.

Whereas, Pushbullet Pro at US$4.99 a month or US$3.33 a month at US$39.99 a year only removes the limits on the SMS sent from the desktop, as well as the storage and data transfer limits. Guess which is the better Premium deal?

Compare the two services’ Premium plans on these pages:




To get started, you’ll have to download the app to your phone, then download the PC client to your computer. Then, create an account, sync your phone to your PC via USB cable, and you’re all set and ready to go.

Here’s another article to help you with the setup: http://www.guidingtech.com/9597/manage-transfer-without-connecting-usb-cable-android-phone-pc-photos-files/

And here’s another article that combines a review with a setup guide: http://www.galaxytabusers.com/android-apps/airdroid-review-is-airdroid-premium-worth-it/

Here are AirDroid setup videos to help you:

How to use (AirDroid) to sync your content - MAC & PC by @DJWorldXclusivesTech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZ6RKF5JZSg

AirDroid review - Sync your phone to your Computer by @AcsyndicateTV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxDiJn6SoyM

Thus, if you want a very robust sync solution between your Androids and PC, AirDroid is the most comprehensive app we’ve come across, so far. If you start to enjoy the synced life, you’re welcome.


The full feature list, via AirDroid’s official press release: http://blog.airdroid.com/post/airdroid-3-is-officially-released/

More reviews of the AirDroid: https://www.airdroid.com/en/reviews/

The Droid Report review of Pushbullet: http://www.droidreport.com/pushbullet-great-way-send-sms-your-pc-sync-your-mobile-your-pc-10420

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