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Google Cardboard Gets an Upgrade

Jan 20, 2016 02:04 AM EST

Google Cardboard is getting an upgrade. That is something that virtual reality fanatics should be excited with. With Google SDK's support for spatial audio, developers will no longer have to play sounds on separate left or right speakers to create immersive audio.

Google announced through its developer’s blog that they have already integrated spatial audio capabilities to its Cardboard SDKs and is now available for both iOs and Android developers. With this, anyone can create an even more, immersive audio experience while using the virtual reality (VR) apps.

Anyone can get one, fold it and look inside it to enter the world of Cardboard. Once paired with your smartphone and a regular pair of headset, you can now experience things online—hear everything as it sounds, see things as they unfold--without actually being in it. Once you have it, you can explore a number of apps that unwrap all around you.

With this recent SDK updates, the sound produced with the Google Cardboard is the same quality of sound that humans actually hear it, according to its developers.  You can do more with the Google Cardboard. This report shows you a few of these things.

Google Cardboard is the least expensive way to have an immersive experience into the 360-degree video, as Cardboard viewers, which are designed to work with almost any handset, are available at around US$20. Moreover, a number of programs and demos are available to try with this platform.

YouTube also offers a variety of videos designed for virtual reality. Reports also reveal that Google recently announced that every YouTube video can now be viewed in virtual reality. Considering this, you're not going to run out of content. Moreover, you get to control how you hear and see things at the moment. Just imagine becoming the director of whatever you are viewing.

With the Google Cardboard, the experience becomes as realistic and immersive as could be. If the audio doesn’t come the way it is expected, it will lessen the viewer satisfaction.

Having known a bit about Google Cardboards, would you like to see it in action? Perhaps watch YouTube 360 videos with it? Still unsure how it works? Then, you may want to check out how it is done here.

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