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Presentation White Board App for Android and iOS Released

Jan 15, 2016 04:54 AM EST

The Presentation White Board App is a newly released graphics app created by Japanese developer Akashi Hamada for Android as well as for iOS. It can be downloaded via Google Play and iTunes. This graphics app transforms your smartphone or Tablet, into a virtual whiteboard where you can write in freehand, draw diagrams, use a camera to take photos, and even search for images on Google.

With the Presentation Whiteboard creating visual explanations becomes a lot easier, unlike other similar graphics image editors that are full of complicated functions.

The whiteboard screen can be spontaneously maneuvered and includes many tools that appear as easily recognizable icons. The interface is clean, with only icons for the basic functions appearing at the whiteboard tray while the rest of the functions are kept in a drawer.

With the Presentation Whiteboard app, communicating thoughts could be easily and quickly done. Start from scratch and move your way throughout your presentation in a breeze with icon tools that could be accessed with just a tap. The board can then be saved as an image file or send by email.

Hamada, when asked on his inspiration in coming up with the app says he came up with the idea of creating a Presentation Whiteboard when he got stuck working on an upgrade of a real time communication app, the Communication Whiteboard Cloud. Adding more functions did not work for him, so he felt that he needed to go back to the drawing board.

“My idea was to make all the functions available as simple icons. And rather than transmission functions, which incur server costs, I focused on adding more tools specifically for making presentations easy—explaining visually through images, “ Hamada points out.  Aside from the initial transmission capabilities and webcam integration, the developer also intends to add more functions that could assist anyone to easily create visual explanations, like hierarchical structures.

To download the Presentation Whiteboard app, you can go to From iTunes, the app can easily be downloaded through

For a quick introduction on how to use the app, you can watch the introductory video here:

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