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Samsung to Manufacture Flexible OLED displays for Apple’s iPhone

Jan 15, 2016 03:06 AM EST

Source from ET News discloses that Samsung Display is near to reaching an agreement with Apple to supply flexible (C) OLED for the next iPhone to be out in the market, and will invest up to $4.7 billion in OLED manufacturing equipment to fulfill orders. It also reveals that LG will also get a share of the deal, which has a combined value of 15 trillion won ($12.8 billion). Both Samsung and LG will be supplying flexible OLED panels for the Apple’s iPhone 7.

The report indicates that the contracts between the two companies have “practically been decided.” As such, Samsung Display will provide the most supplies for Apple’s iPhones’ panels that, according to industry insiders, are changing from LTPS (Low-Temperature Poly-Silicon) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) to Flexible OLED.

Production is anticipated to start in the first quarter of this year and will extend to 2017. Expected flexible OLED panels output will reportedly range from 30,000 to 45,000 panels per month.

Other reports claim that Apple will unveil iPhones with OLED displays in 2018. Also, it is noted that the OLED panel orders may be spread out over other suppliers, possibly including AU Optronics, LG, and Japan Display, aside from Samsung Display. The other three display makers have supplied Apple with LCD panels for the company’s existing iPhones.

OLED displays can provide sharper images and brighter colors compared to LCD displays. Normally, it has a shorter lifespan and higher manufacturing costs, however.

iPhones up until this point have always used LCD displays. The Apple Watch is the first Apple device to use a flexible OLED screen, so putting them on iPhones isn’t a complete surprise, nor is asking Samsung to provide them. Not only is it no secret that Samsung makes the best OLED displays in the market, Samsung already supplies multiple components for the iPhone, including the A9 processor.

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