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Google Maps Driving Mode Now Predicts Your Destination

Jan 14, 2016 05:47 PM EST

After Uber integrated predictive locations and destinations for their apps, such as suggesting one’s workplace or home address as predicted destinations for one’s Uber driver request, Google Maps is following suit with predicting locations for its users. As in the Uber app, Google Maps will offer the user’s most-used or most-searched itineraries when the app is in Driving Mode. This function will make it easier for a Google Maps user who uses the app while, well, driving.

The Driving Mode for the Google Maps app is similar to the Google Now app with its AI and personal assistant-like functions, leaning heavily on suggesting locations. As opposed to the old Google Maps way of navigating through the GPS-powered location info, the Driving Mode gives the user, especially the driver, greater ease of use with its automatic suggestions. This new addition is a very handy function, especially when in need of a familiar route in a pinch.

While artificial intelligence and predictive technologies like these grow ever useful, the feel of the functionality tends to be a little too shocking. With the growing bulk of data and location information being siphoned by the cloud or by apps like Google Maps, the privacy nazi’s will have more to be concerned about, as Google integrates such functions in its apps.

Google has already lost its antitrust case in Europe. In fact, the case has heated up so much, that the tech giant has resorted to hiring Obama’s former White House economics and security policy expert Caroline Atkinson to help them with their policy issues. How the new Google Maps’ Driving Mode will add to this problem remains to be seen.

For the end-users who need the Google Maps’ Driving Mode function, worrying about the information they will expose to the app may be the last thing on their minds. Most likely, the only thing they’ll need to worry about is how to get to their mother-in-law’s house in time for Sunday lunch. And Google Maps’ Driving Mode may save them a few clicks, a few minutes, and a few moments of hair-pulling.


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