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NextBit Robin Cloud-Based Smartphones Shipments Begin Next Month

Jan 08, 2016 01:18 AM EST

Mobile developer NextBit, the company that was formed by former Google Android Team members, understands the value of memory space. Considering this factor in designing their-first ever smartphone public offering, they have made available what is now considered the world’s only cloud-first smartphone. After managing to raise $1.3 million in 30 days through Kickstarter in October1, the development team announced they will start shipping prototypes of these smartphones to early backers next month.

Nextbit Chief Designer Scott Croyle announced at CES 2016 that the company will start shipping the GSM version of the Robin to the first 1,000 Kickstarter backers in February 16. The rest, (backers of the CDMA Verizon version) will still have to wait a bit longer. Orders made directly from the company’s website, will then be fulfilled afterwards.

NextBin Robin’s cloud-based design forward smartphones are now available via Kickstarter at $399 apiece, and includes the phone and its cable. Wonder how NextBin Robin differs or is similar with other makes available in the market? According to reports, NextRobin comes with a full-HD 5.2-inch polycarbonate design that is available in mint or midnight.  Two front-facing circular speakers sit on its top and bottom, alongside a 5MP camera that has LED flash. At the back of each unit is a 13MP camera with dual-tone flash and a cloud icon with four lights that indicates when the phone is connected to the cloud.

NextBin Robin developers says that it seamlessly back up files whenever the ideal conditions are met, and keeps the file on cloud and ready for your next use. This is what others have to say regarding this innovation:

“This sleek but unassuming smartphone isn’t an iPhone killer or a Galaxy killer, and it won’t kill any other smartphones on the market. Instead, it’s a problem killer” BGR  

“Nextbit is building a bridge between the mobile world and the one that comes next, the ambient one where everything is technology.” Wired

“It’s your phone and they’re letting you do what you want with it... ” Phandroid

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