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Marshmallow is on its way: Waiting Mode On

Jan 08, 2016 12:50 AM EST


Changes bring life to just about anything. Along with it, is the time for perceptive examination to ensure that expectations are met. When Google announced the release of Android Marshmallow on October 5, 2015, Android supporters contemplate on when they will be getting the Marshmallow update.

Android Marshmallow comes pre-installed with all of Google's latest hardware--the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6X, as well as Pixel C. Shortly after, it quickly pushed out an update to the existing Nexus catalogue as well as anticipated. A number of new features and enhancements to Nexus users were provided by Android Marshmallow update. It was like a breath of fresh air for the Android device-using community. But as like any upgrade, it needs testing to ensure compatibility with each device-- OEMs as well as mobile networks need to tweak and test, then gradually, upgrade their products up to the latest version-- it will take a while before expecting Android fans will finally get to have their devices with the Marshmallow. As seen on Google’s Android Developer’s Dashboard, barely 0.7 percent of all Android devices now run on Marshmallow since its release in October, indicating a great portion of the Android-device owning public, is still waiting for the roll-out to reach their devices.

In December, a couple of months after the release of Android 6.0, the first update to Marshmallow were released to bring in bug fixes. To help devices already running on Marshmallow reach its optimum performance, this month Google released a security patch and is now available to download, sources from Android Authority discloses.

There’s more to expect in the coming months, including a split-screen support, that is be anticipated to come with the release of Android 6.1 in June 2016.

Time is of essence. For those anticipating for their Android devices to get the needed upgrade, there is what we call patience. Remember, patience is a virtue.

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