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Segway Robot- Your Robot Butler

Jan 07, 2016 04:43 PM EST


That's right...This is not your ordinary hoverboard…

Segway Robot looks and may function like a hoverboard, but its features make it rise above the rest.

The world was first greeted by Segway Robot when it was showcased at the CES 2016. It is designed with two blinking eyes and speaks with a prototypical monotonous robotic voice. It is also set to recognize voice commands and has an internet-connected camera on its "face." The robot butler can stream video, put up cute expressions using its front display, and whatever you may want, since it has been disclosed to be running on an open platform starting later half of 2016. This way, anyone can actually create different applications for it as its future owner desires. Built with Intel’s Realsense Technology, Segway robots can easily respond to voice commands.

Intel partnered with Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi, and one of its portfolio companies, Ninebot to come up with this friendly robotic human transporter. Segway is a New Hampshire-based company that was sold in April 2015 to Chinese scooter rival Ninebot. The latter is well-known for its one-wheeled electric scooter. In the past, Segway is known for the personal transportation devices carrying overweight individuals that have difficulty crossing the streets. With the creation of this adorable mini-robot, the world will remember Segway differently. As ‘’the merged company announced earlier this week that it would adopt the Segway name and make Ninebot a brand within the Segway umbrella,’’ according to a source from CNNMoney, a new moment in history for these personal transportation devices, has evolved.

As the company plans to make it commercially available soon, the expecting market has something to look forward to this 2016, especially those who might be interested in acquiring one. Sources disclose that a developer kit is expected in the second half of this year.

During the recent CES Meeting, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is seen doing a few tricks with, what he calls, “his self-balancing vehicle.” Now, it is our time to welcome Segway Robot, soon to be the world's new robot butler.

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