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Google To Roll Out Split Screens On Android Tablets, Soon

Dec 21, 2015 01:53 AM EST

Split-screen mode isn’t a new feature: Microsoft rolled it out first on the Microsoft Surface, and it applies to Windows 8.1 devices and up. Then the iOS rolled it out for iOS 9, possibly 2 or 3 years too late. So now, Google is throwing its hands up and saying that, yes, Android users definitely need the feature, too. About time, Google.

According to reports from around the web, Google might roll out the feature on the next major Android update, the upcoming Android N. Just as devices haven’t caught up to Android M just yet, people are already buzzing about the future Android’s features.

This comes on the heels of the Chrome Pixel C’s rollout, which, by the way, you can stick to a fridge or any other metal surface. Yes, a Chrome Pixel C has a magnetized surface, which allows you to use it as a wall-mounted device. If you have a metal plate mounted in your kitchen, you can definitely use it to search for recipes from your favorite recipe apps, in real time, as you cook. Just make sure you keep your Pixel C far away from your oven or stove.

Three Great Recipe Apps to Cook With:

So back to split-screen mode. What can a power user do with a split-screen Android?

-Use it to edit a Google Doc or a Word Doc while you have your Google Sheet or MS Excel app open. Use it for your accounting, liquidations or expense tracking, as you do your reports.

-Use it to open a text pad while you copy-paste text to image apps, as you add text to your graphics.

-Use it to create images even as you monitor your social media management stats in real time.

There are so many things you can do with a split-screen Android tablet. So much, that it may be high time to invest in a large-screen Android, such as the rumored, and hopefully soon-to-roll-out Samsung Tahoe. Or maybe the Chrome Pixel C. The next year is going to be awesome for Google and Android, as they seem to be planning more things to drool over, right up their sleeves.


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