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Google Moving Aggressively In India, To Train 2M Android Developers Within 3 Years

Dec 18, 2015 02:01 AM EST

Google is going to train two million Android developers in India, over these next 3 years. With Google’s CEO being of Indian descent, this comes as no surprise. The choice is also both a likely and an astute one, because Indians have a better proficiency at coding compared to other Asian nationalities.

In a quest to tap into the talents of the developing world, Google’s aggressive stance at empowering India technology-wise is both a humanitarian effort and a shot at leveraging excellent talent for the company’s ends. With Indian coders more proficient at Android, plus the fact that India is one of the biggest markets for the platform, the move may translate to greater profit, and better app development for Android, and ultimately Google.

In a report by VentureBeat, it was outlined that Google aims to reach this number of potential coders by partnering with over 30 universities in India. The move assures that Google will have the pick of fresh, trainable and malleable talent.

Google’s entry into the training and education sector for programming and for handpicking coding and programming talent will not only help the company’s ends but will also raise the economy for India. More than that, the practices will also ensure that a greater number of Indian developers will be taught to program ethically.

Leveraging talent and mentoring them properly not only raises the bar for technical skills it may also create a new work ethic. With the harnessing of India’s bright minds in the quest for creating more Android apps and other software, Google may well be able to help redirect coders’ energies and talents into positive app development. Let’s see over the next 5 to 10 years how this move will impact the global app marketplace. Who knows if the numbers of malware injections in apps would go down, as well?


With information from VentureBeat:

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