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Bumble Buzzes Over To Android

Dec 14, 2015 10:23 PM EST

If dating app critics think that Tinder was more than enough to swallow up the whole dating industry, another dating app is burning the Apple Store in downloads: Bumble. A headline from TechCrunch reads, “Four Billion Swipes Later, Bumble Comes To Android.” Four billion, that’s how many dates that Bumble the dating app was able to broker.

Surely, not all of those 4 billion “swipes” turned into actual dates. However, that’s certainly a good indicator of the app’s success on the iOS platform alone. It then makes sense for the company to launch on the Android platform, as well.

Bumble is a little different from Tinder in that it requires the girl to make the first move. More than that, the app’s Terms and Conditions ensure that their teenage users stay safe: Bumble does not allow the exchange of photos for users between 15 to 17 years old. If the users choose to exchange photos on other platforms, it’s their call.

Bumble not only ensures their users’ protection in this manner, their Terms and Conditions also indicate that the app will police for abusive, threatening and even defamatory or libelous language and content, as well as content that is “obscene, pornographic or otherwise may offend human dignity.” Contrary to the common use of dating apps, which may include sexual content that users themselves share with each other, Bumble states in its Terms and Conditions that these are not allowed on the site. This means that Bumble itself prefers “clean” communications between its users.

Given the fact that Bumble is a relatively safer dating platform, it’s no surprise that it has grown steadily across the months it’s been in operation. According to the Tech Crunch report, Bumble is currently experiencing a month over month growth rate of 65 percent. It’s definitely the perfect time for Bumble to expand to Android, then.


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