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Google Chrome Rolls Out Updates Both For Mobile And Desktop

Dec 04, 2015 05:21 AM EST

Die-hard Google fans were quick to install the Google Chrome browser on their Android mobiles and tablets, much to their disappointment for the app was not only resource-heavy, but it also ate up way too much data. Those on flagship devices may have kept their Google Chrome apps, since their devices could keep up with the app. But a good number may have chosen to use alternative browsers such as Opera Mini, AdBlock Plus, and similar data-saving browsers. Although thanks to the latest update to the Google Chrome on Android Browser, Google die-hard fans may now be able to enjoy it once again.

More on the Adblock Plus:

According to a blog post by Tal Oppenheimer on the official Google Chrome Blog, Google Chrome on Android has integrated a “Data Saver” function on the browser, which enables users to save 70% of their data usage. Tal Oppenheimer is a Product Manager in Google, and she’s currently working on Google Chrome.

Data Saver, according to Tal Oppenheimer, strips webpages of most of its images on the Google Chrome on Android app, especially when it detects that the user is on a slow connection. When the page fully loads, the user may choose to view each image one by one. This feature will truly come in handy since most users just want to know about the story, and images, while attractive, should really be optional for users, especially those who need to save on data.

According to the same blog post, Android users in India and Indonesia will be the first to experience the expanded Data Saver mode. The new Data Saver mode for Google Chrome on Android was already rolled out on November 30th.

The Official Google Chrome Blog’s post on the new Data Saver feature:

TechCrunch on the Data Saver feature:

How to use the Data Saver feature:

In other news, Google Chrome 47 for Desktop also rolled out on December 1st, bringing the following features to Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops and laptops:

- Cooperative multitasking

- Automatic dismissal of desktop notifications

- Security improvements

- New developer features

The latest desktop version of Google Chrome also removed the desktop notification center. According to a cheeky headline from The Verge, “Google remove[d] Chrome's notification center because nobody used it.” Indeed, what desktop notification center? Most likely, only a few power users were able to discover and use that feature. After all, even the Chromium Project Blog noted that “In practice, few users visit the notification center.” The Chromium Project is the community behind the open-source version of Google Chrome.

VentureBeat with their notes on the Google Chrome 47 release:

The Verge’s article on the Google Chrome 47 release:

The Chromium Blog on the need to streamline notifications on Desktop:

Google Chrome’s official announcement that they’ve moved the Chrome 47 project to the “stable channel”:

These changes and improvements will hopefully lead to a better experience for Chrome users, both for those on Desktop as well as those on the Android platform. Here’s to a lighter, faster, overall better, Google Chrome.

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