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Blackberry Priv Gets Its First Update

Dec 04, 2015 03:00 AM EST


A month after Blackberry PRIV’s official release, the secure Android gets its first-ever software update. Announced right on the first of December 2015 was the release of Blackberry PRIV's first over-the-air software update.

The Official Blackberry Blog, Inside Blackberry, also announced the software update in an article by Nicholas C. Greene. The software update, according to the official announcement and other writeups, includes the following enhancements:

- Enhanced security

- Improved stability

- Better performance

- An improved camera

The over-the-air software update will require 475MB of internal storage space. It will be available for all Blackberry PRIV units purchased at ShopBlackBerry, the official Blackberry store, as well as those bought from mobile carrier stores.

Aside from this update released last December 1st, Blackberry’s apps on Google Play Store will also get updates on December 14th. The apps that will receive the updates include:

Blackberry Keyboard

Blackberry Hub

Blackberry Camera

DTEK by BlackBerry

The Blackberry Keyboard’s update will include emojis integrated with predictive typing, as well as expanded language support. Blackberry Hub will integrate WhatsApp contacts, Blackberry Camera will then be able to support 16:9 photos, and DTEK by BlackBerry will include more notification options for apps.

Nicholas Greene’s article also includes a simple instruction on how to execute the OTA software upgrade for Blackberry PRIV. For those who prefer to implement the OTA software upgrades on their other Android phones, the process is exactly the same, straightforward, series of steps:

Go to Settings > About > System Updates > Tap the “Check for Updates” button > Apply the update.

According to Nicholas Greene’s post, the user can still use their Blackberry PRIV while the update is downloading. After the download is complete, they can just restart their phone to complete the update installation process.

Indeed, when Blackberry rolled out the PRIV, they promised to bring Blackberry’s unparalleled security to the Android as a platform. With these two December updates, it seems like they’re making good on that promise.


The official Inside Blackberry blog by Nicholas C. Greene: http://blogs.blackberry.com/2015/12/the-privs-first-software-update-is-live-heres-how-to-download-it/

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