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Xposed Framework Now Available To Android Marshmallow Devices

Nov 16, 2015 02:52 AM EST

Modders and fans of Xposed Framework can now rejoice: the modding system is now available on Android Marshmallow 6.0. The Xposed Framework is a system that allows advanced Android users to install features integrated into custom ROMs, without changing their stock Android OS.

Average users of the Android may be happy with their stock OS, but for those who want to be able to try features available on, say, CyanogenMod without actually using CyanogenMod turn to one app and system to let them enjoy features that they like, without actually flashing their devices. So for those who really love their stock OS but just want to improve it a little, this is the answer to that “dilemma.”

A great guide on how to install Xposed Framework is available via Addictive Tips. It also has an overview of why the app is the answer to modders’ “prayers.”

Link to Xposed Framework on Addictive Tips:

A feature on custom ROMs is called a “module,” and Xposed Framework has a variety of those modules available in their repositories. For a list of highly recommended Xposed Framework modules, here is a compilation from Android Authority:

The process is simple for those who have experience flashing their phones. The modding framework needs root permissions, however, so one may need to have a rooted Android in order to enjoy the framework’s capabilities. One may either bring the phone to technicians who offer Android Rooting services online, though he or she may also be able to learn how to do it himself or herself through forums such as

Remember that with every complicated maneuver on the smartphone, backing up data is a must. So make sure that that step is done before taking on the risk of rooting the phone and then installing Xposed Framework. And while Android Police reports that patches for vulnerabilities such as the Stagefright bug are coded into Xposed Framework, bear in mind that rooting always runs the risk of giving malware access to the device’s root system. And providing root access may give malware and their creators the capabilities of severely corrupting, even hijacking the devices.

So mod at your own risk!


The official Xposed Framework website:

The Xposed Framework's Module library:

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