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The Beats Pill+ Rolls Out, Accompanying Apps Simultaneously Released On Android And iOS

Nov 03, 2015 01:04 AM EST

This new move cements Apple’s commitment to make money off of one of its more controversial acquisitions, Beats Electronics. In fact, with this new move, Apple appears to be very objective, and that it isn’t opposed to opening its services to a rival platform, if only to reach a wider market. The Beats Pill+ app, which allows users to control their Beats Pill+ speakers, was released simultaneously on the iOS and the Android.

The Beats Pill+ speaker rolled out last week, and is now available on the Apple Store, via Apple purchased Beats Electronics in August 2014, and fanboys, casual Apple users, and critics alike were left dumbfounded about the move. Some speculated that that was an acknowledgement that Apple’s iPod earphone technology just wasn’t good enough, while others noted that the move was just reflective of Apple’s commitment to producing crisp, elegant audio on its devices. Either way, the merger was completed, and the Beats Pill+ is one of the products rolled out under Apple.

It was a surprising move for Apple to roll out the companion app on both main mobile platforms. Usually considered a “snobbish” or “standoffish” tech company, choosing a more closed-circuit ecosystem on its products, releasing apps for both its own mobile platform and the rival mobile platform was a puzzling, albeit commercially sensible move. In any case, both Android and iOS owners of Beats Pill+ speakers will be able to enjoy the accessory’s full use via the mobile apps.

It’s disappointing to note, however, that the Android community still hasn’t let up with trolling Apple Inc.’s apps. According to, the majority of the reviews on Google Play had been abusive. It shouldn’t be a surprise, given that Android’s fan base in the US are largely, possibly even militantly anti-Apple, but such low blows just aren’t necessary. If only the message of peace, love and Tech Agnosticism could go out into all the corners of the earth and influence those who post reviews on Google Play, maybe Apple Inc’s apps won’t be shredded as much. The bottom line, though, is that mudslinging just isn’t fair for brands and companies who are out to give users the best experience possible.

What is Tech Agnosticism and why does Droid Report advocate it?

Apple Insider’s report includes notes on the differences between the review systems of the two competing app marketplaces, as well as reasons why developers shy away from working on publishing apps on the Android platform. They also report that both Google and Apple are working on putting out fires and managing the fake, vicious reviews on the Beats Pill+ app.

More on the Apple Insider report here:

In any case, for those who don’t care for the mudslinging or the extreme brand/company loyalty, the Beats Pill+ is out, ready for snapping up. The apps are ready for downloading too.


Buy the Beats Pill+ here:

Download the Android app for Beats Pill+ here, just ignore the reviews:

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