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Google Maps Gets An Update To 'Make Stressful Times Easier' For Drivers

Oct 21, 2015 09:53 PM EDT

When you are one of the biggest companies in the world, and you have developed the most trusted map and navigation app around, would you rest on your laurels? Apparently, Google is not one for resting on theirs. They have integrated two new features that drivers and travelers may find super helpful. Google Maps just got more helpful.

Google Maps now integrates detour information, as well as price information for gas stations on map routes. These two details may prove super helpful for those long interstate drives, especially for those unfamiliar with their route and destinations.

Google branded their press release on these new features as the app’s way of “making stressful times easier.” The blog post on Google Lat Long, the Google Maps official blog, traces a scenario of being able to find a cheaper gas station and being able to make it to one’s interview, as well as another scenario of being sent on a last-minute grocery run as one is on their way home. Scenarios that are pretty common, which make the “case” for the features rather solid and pretty helpful.

Google also describes how to use these new features, which will appear as additional drop-down menus. Google also outlines how to save them on your Google Maps app, for future use of the newfound route. Rather helpful, especially for those who rely heavily on Google Maps on Android for their daily drives.

There is no word yet on when these new features will be made available for the iOS version of the Google Maps app, however, The Next Web notes that these may be integrated on the iOS as soon as possible.

So rest easy that you would not let your wife down when she texts that the pantry needs a fresh carton of milk, or she needs a dozen eggs for a baking project. Rest easy too, that you will be able to make it to your interview on time and with gas savings, to boot. With the upcoming features for Google Maps on Android, these last-minute runs will be a lot easier.


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