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Verizon Releases Software Update; Integrates Samsung Pay And Stagefright Patch

Oct 18, 2015 09:45 PM EDT

Verizon rolled out an update that will patch the Stagefright vulnerability on selected handsets, and it also integrated Samsung Pay for some of Samsung’s flagship phones. The update was posted on Oct. 18, 2015 at 3 P.M. EDT, after Engadget’s Mariella Moon found a thread of the update on Reddit. According to Redditor @egofrost, the Verizon software update “[…] Finally patches all the Stagefright Vulnerabilites listed in Zimperium's App.” More than the integration for Samsung Pay, the patch for the Stagefright loophole is great news, indeed.

According to Mariella Moon’s report, these are the devices that will receive Samsung Pay:

-Samsung Galaxy S6

-Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

-Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

-Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Note 5

Mariella Moon also notes that Android Central’s Andrew Martonik had already installed the Verizon update. According to Martonik’s post on Android Central, he already gave the update a spin by 7:43 P.M. EDT on Oct. 16, 2015.

According to the Reddit thread that Mariella Moon referenced, some users have already test-driven the electronic payment service from Samsung, and some users, such as @paul1035, announced official partners of Samsung Pay, such as American Express, work perfectly with the service. Other users have reported incompatibilities with their devices, however, and some have posted their willingness to install unofficial versions of the Samsung Pay app.

However, remember that uninstalling apps not published on Google Play, a process known as “sideloading,” will expose your Android device to security vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities that patches such as Verizon’s latest release seek to correct. And since the Samsung Pay app involves the use of real-world money and access to one’s bank accounts, it would be best if Samsung users avoid sideloading the Samsung Pay app altogether. It cannot be stressed it further: Sideloading will only negate the security patches that come with the latest Verizon OTA update.

For those who want to know which banks will be compatible with Samsung Pay, here is a list released by Android Central:

-American Express

-Bank of America

-Citi Bank

-U.S. Bank

-Synchrony Financial

More banks are sure to come on board, as Samsung Pay may prove to be a more flexible digital payment solution compared to Android Pay or Apple Pay. Samsung Pay does not require devices to have NFC but is powered by technology that Samsung purchased off of LoopPay.

Indeed, the Verizon Software Update brings a lot of functionality with its release. For those whose devices can benefit from the update, they can definitely rest easy with the software patch solving the Stagefright vulnerability.


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