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Apple Fanboys (And Fangirls) Rejoice: Apple Will Replace Retina Macbook Pros' Displays FOR FREE

Oct 18, 2015 09:40 PM EDT

Those who hate Apple with a passion will definitely gloat on the fact that some Apple products ship with certain defects. Who can forget the brouhaha caused by the iPhone 6’s “Bendgate,” or the polycarbonate Macbook’s wristrest cracks? Or battery defects on a lot of Mac and iDevices? Earlier this year, the Retina Macbook Pros presented a major flaw: Apparently, Apple’s Chinese OEM factory cut corners on some units, and some consumers found that their Retina Macbook Pros came with a cheap coating that wore off with normal use.

Apple, however, has a track record of making up for their devices’ flaws. They offer replacements at no extra cost, especially for Apple users who purchased an Apple Care extended warranty plan. They are going to extend the same courtesy for affected Retina Macbook Pro users.

According to Nick Mediati of Macworld, Apple is set to offer free display replacements for the affected Retina MacBook Pros. The affected devices can be taken in to Genius Bars in Apple Stores or to Apple-authorized service centers for the replacement. These devices are eligible for replacement for up to 3 years since the purchase, or up to a year after Oct. 16, 2015. For the users who have had their Retina Macbook Pros’ displays replaced out-of-warranty, they may be able to file for refunds from Apple.

According to Nick Mediati, Apple sent out an internal memo discussing the free replacements. Thus, it is practically official that users can set up a display replacement arrangement for their Retina Macbook Pros.

The issue had been dubbed “Staingate” by enraged Retina Macbook Pro users, and an unofficial website was set up to denounce the laptops’ defect. The website is, and website visitors will be greeted by a note that describes when and how the cheap displays’ “stains” start. There is a note that gleefully announces Apple’s display replacement program, however, and Apple fanboys and fangirls can rest easy that their rather expensive investment was not such a waste, after all.


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