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Apple Allows, Then Pulls Out, Ad-Blocker 'Been Choice' On The App Store

Oct 09, 2015 08:02 AM EDT

Apple made a contradictory choice by allowing an ad blocker into the App Store. Been Choice, which can block advertisements even from Apple’s own News app, has the capacity to wipe out ads from all the apps on the iDevice where it is installed. It even wipes out ads from apps such as Facebook.

The feature may prove to be very convenient for users, but this may mean that developers could get shortchanged. Most of the revenue from app programming and creation comes from mobile advertisements, so this app certainly threatens developers’ revenue streams.

Reports on the news flash about this app have since been updated to inform the public that this is not the first service that lets users block ads.

Been, Inc., the company behind Been Choice, was founded by Dave Yoon and Sang Shin. The co-founders worked together for over eight years at McKinsey & Co. Aside from the ad-blocking functions of the app, they also created a rewards system wherein users can earn redeemable points if they choose to allow ads into their iDevices. There is a catch, however: Users must allow Been Choice to gather their data.

Since the news about the app broke out on the tech blogs, though, Apple made swift moves and wiped out ad blockers from the App Store, including Been Choice. Apple stated that Been Choice and the other nixed ad-blocking apps make use of third-party root certificates. This behavior of the offending apps may present a security loophole, as they route unencrypted data through external servers.

Been Choice has since Tweeted that they will comply with Apple’s stipulations,and will be resubmitting the app.

When Been Choice goes back online on the Apple App Store, this means that users who choose to install the app will have a choice: Either they can keep their iDevices free of ads, forever, or they will be able to enjoy earning points if they choose to keep the ads on their iDevice apps.


More on the initial report on Been Choice: http://techcrunch.com/2015/10/06/apple-approves-an-app-that-blocks-ads-in-native-apps-including-apple-news/#.xek21q:Z8Nd

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