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Porsche Skips Over Android Auto, Opts For Apple CarPlay, Cites Excessive Data Collection From Google

Oct 09, 2015 07:58 AM EDT


Yes, Google collects a lot of data from anyone who uses any of their products. Yes, the principle “Don’t Be Evil” is still very much in place for the company. But no, Porsche would not be partnering with Google via Android Auto anytime soon.

A report by Motor Trend outlined the fact that Porsche skipped over Android Auto in favor of Apple’s CarPlay. The reason, according to reports, is that Google will reportedly collect data from partner cars, such as the vehicle’s speed, engine revs, throttle position and even fluid temperatures. By contrast, Apple CarPlay will only check the vehicle’s powertrain control module, just to check whether the car is in motion.

This data set, according to reports, may indeed be cause for concern for Porsche, as Google is in the process of building its own self-driving cars. Even though Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are basically apps enhancing entertainment while in transit, the data that Motor Trend asserts that Google will collect may, indeed, be used in the design and engineering of Google’s self-driving cars.

Google has since denied the auto mag’s assertions, though Porsche’s decision seems to be final.

The race to produce the next-generation cars is really underway. The existing smart car systems may simply be high-tech entertainment system for cars, but their impending rollout is definitely the first step. Today, high-tech entertainment. Tomorrow, fully-automatic smart cars. A few more decades down the line, who knows, maybe we will see literal Transformer-type robots speeding down the highways.

It is not clear whether Motor Trend’s report was mere speculation, or if Google’s denial was for reputation management’s sake. The fact remains, though: Porsche will be part of the Apple CarPlay portfolio. For those who were looking forward to driving a luxury car on Android Auto, they will have to stick to either an Audi, a Maserati, a Peugeot, an Alfa Romeo or a Bentley, then.


More on Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” motto: http://www.droidreport.com/goodbye-dont-be-evil-hello-longer-alphabet-inc-code-conduct-statement-11393

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