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Android Marshmallow: Ready To Roll For The Advanced Nexus Users

Oct 06, 2015 03:35 AM EDT

There is a clear advantage to being on a Google Nexus. As of October 5, 2015, the factory images for the Android Marshmallow have been made available for seven Google Nexus devices, straight from Google’s ROM pages.

Here are the five Google Nexus devices on which the factory-version ROM can be installed, with the factory version codes. However, take note that this may require advanced tech skills.

[Legend: Device Name, ROM codename: Link]

-Nexus 6, "shamu":

-Nexus Player, "fugu":

-Nexus 9 (LTE), "volantisg":

-Nexus 9 (Wi-Fi), "volantis":

-Nexus 5 (GSM/LTE), "hammerhead":

-Nexus 7 [2013] (Wi-Fi), "razor":

-Nexus 7 [2013] (Mobile), "razorg":

The instructions are all on the page:

The rest of the Google Nexus devices are in varying versions of the Android, from 4.1.1 Jellybean, to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop in others. These are older versions of the Nexus line of Androids, so the hardware may not be up to scratch for the Marshmallow update. Plus, these Nexus Androids may no longer be supported by their manufacturers, and are out of production or discontinued, as yet.

For those who have considerable experience with flashing their Androids, the instructions on the Developer page are very clear. Usually, an Android user with advanced tech skills, especially those who have rooted their phones in the past, can get by with these instructions, research from forums, as well as a tub full of Marshmallows. If by “Marshmallows,” we mean “Courage,” that is.

Take note that the Over-the-Air updates will be rolling out soon enough, so if flashing your device isn’t something you have experience in, leave this article to the professionals, and just wait for your carrier’s OTA upgrade announcements. We’ll be listing them here on Droid Report, and we’ll be sure to give you updates per carrier and device maker. For those who have flash-fu skills, though, carry on, live on the wild side, and yes, there’s always a way to unbrick an Android.

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