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Google Turned 17!

Sep 28, 2015 11:02 PM EDT

Google turned 17 on September 27th, and the company hailed it as one of their “least random birthdays,” since “17” is one of the least random numbers in programming.

The company also set up a page to commemorate the milestone, complete with photos from Google’s startup days. A collection of Google Doodles for the company’s “birthdays” were also featured on the page. These were all of the Google Doodles for the search giant’s milestones, as they were published on the portal throughout the years.

Photos from the search giant’s first days, as hosted on the founders’ dorm rooms, were also posted. Quirky captions highlighting the nostalgia were posted under the photos.

A photo of Google’s first-ever staff was also posted front and center, with the touching line, “[…] But the people are still what matter the most.”

View the Google Doodle page of the company’s birthday here: http://www.google.com/doodles/googles-17th-birthday

Just two days after the search giant turns 17, Google is set to launch the new line of Nexus phones today, September 29th. Tech pundits have noted that this is going to be Sundar Pichai’s first-ever event as Google’s CEO, after the company’s founders passed him the task of running Google.

On August 10th, Google announced that it will now be under Alphabet, Inc., a mother company that handles Google, as well as Google’s founders’ other interests, which include venture capital funding, the design and deployment of futuristic devices, smarthomes, and even life sciences. Since the branching out into different, discrete and separate sub-companies, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have chosen to focus more on the aspects of Alphabet Inc. that are focused on creating groundbreaking technologies.

More of Alphabet’s philosophy, as expressed by Larry Page: https://abc.xyz/

So, for today’s Google event will be focused on announcing two new Chromecast devices, the Google Nexus line, as well as announce more details on the Android Marshmallow.

More on the event at 9to5Google.com:



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