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Samsung Will Pay For Your Phone Until 2016

Sep 28, 2015 10:56 PM EDT

It’s been an on-going battle for Samsung to stem its financial hemorrhage. In what seems like a move to boost sales, Samsung opted to offer massive discounts on its flagship models. The flagship phones will enjoy a major discount, in the form of Samsung subsidizing the cost of the phone if consumers grab them from US carriers except for AT&T. In short, would-be owners of Samsung’s prime phones will not need to pay a single cent, from now until 2016.

Samsung’s Flagship Models That Will Enjoy The Promo:

-Samsung Galaxy S6

-Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

-Samsung Galaxy Note 5

-Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

The US telecommunications carriers that partnered with the South Korean company to offer this deal to consumers include:




-US Cellular

The promo mechanics include:

-The promo applies to any of these phone models purchased from the four US telcos.

-The promo period is from September 27, 2015 to October 9, 2015. Phones bought beyond October 9th will not be eligible for the subsidy.

-If the consumer is switching from an iPhone, Samsung will add a Google Play gift card worth $100 USD.

Usually, consumers can obtain Samsung phones from their telco at a monthly rate of around $24. With this promo, Samsung will shoulder that amount, and all that the consumer needs to pay would be the cellular service fees, which include their bills for call, SMS, and data usage. The rebates cap at around $120, however, so if a consumer’s purchase is worth more than $120 in total, it’s safe to assume that the consumer pays the balance.

In order to take advantage of the promo, head on over to this link: http://promo.samsungpromotions.com/nopayments/

Then register, and enjoy your rebate!

If you’ve always wanted a Samsung flagship phone, this is the perfect time to grab one on a rather insane discount.

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