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AVG Revamps Privacy Policy, Admits How They Will Use User Data

Sep 22, 2015 11:10 AM EDT

AVG is one of the more trusted brands in malware detection and elimination. In fact, it reportedly enjoys an active user base of over 200 million users worldwide, including 100 million users on mobile. However, as a mobile user, be careful what you sign up for.

PC Mag, quoting Wired, reported that AVG has gone into greater detail regarding their privacy policy. And with those details, AVG reveals that they are going to use the end-users’ “Non-Identifying Data” for commercial purposes.

Anti-Virus Guard will explains what “Non-Identifying Data” means, at length: As long as the data is not traceable to the user as an individual, such as specific addresses, as long as it does not give away details that can be traced to the user as a person, AVG has stated that they are free to use your data, as you agree to download, install, and use their software.

AVG has stated that it plans to use these data for the income-generating streams for their software, which is basically from advertising. It was not stated whether the users’ data will be sold to third parties.

As for the type of data that AVG will collect, AVG listed that they will collect the following:

-The Advertising ID assigned to a user’s device.

-The device’s search and browsing history.

-The network or internet service provider’s details.

-Data regarding other apps on the device, as well as the ways that they are being used.

-Location information.

AVG assures that the data collected from users may be aggregated into big data sets or groups, which, the company assures, will make these data practically “anonymous.” They also assure that there will be settings to enable users to opt out of the data collection methods.

No matter how commendable AVG is for this full disclosure, the bottom line is that AVG will be collecting users’ data for advertising purposes.

The new Privacy Policy will take effect on Oct. 15, but the practices are already in place.

Time to look for other antivirus alternatives.


For more on AVG’s new privacy policy: http://asia.pcmag.com/software-reviews/6120/news/avg-updates-privacy-policy-will-sell-your-non-iden

AVG’s user stats: http://now.avg.com/avg-surpasses-200-million-users-worldwide/

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