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Samsung's Bendy Phone To Roll Out In January 2016

Sep 23, 2015 08:06 AM EDT

A struggling Samsung is looking to ensure that they will still be at the forefront of innovation, with the possibility of rolling out their bendy phones in January 2016.

On the first week of August, news broke out that Samsung has filed a patent for a phone design that allows a phone to bend in half—sans hinges. What results is a “bendy” touch screen phone that was designed that way, and not because of “Bendgate.” With the mockups that have traveled through the Internet grapevine, the phones certainly look futuristic.

Weeks after the leak about the patent, the tech blogs are again rife with buzz about the new technology. The word on the tech blogs is, this new generation of phones may hit the market in January 2016.

While the blogs and gadget news sites note that Samsung may not be able to pull off the rollout by next year, take note that Samsung has shopped the technology through tech fairs such as the CES for years now. In fact, they showcased the foldable phone back in CES 2013, and again at CES 2014. Two to three years is more than enough time in their labs to be able to complete the finished product.

Here’s to a phone that bends in half, and not because of a design and material flaw.

The only question that remains is that: After the fact that the curved screen edge functionality for Samsung’s flagships is still largely limited a year after the technology’s first release, an early adopter should wonder if the ecosystem is ready for Samsung’s innovations. Samsung implemented the curved screen design for the Samsung Note Edge, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+. The curved edges are supposed to have additional functionality, and Samsung was expected to roll out a suite of apps for the edges. While there are Samsung-developed apps for their flagships, there has been little activity or contributions from third-party developers.

If carrying a cool-looking, snazzy, futuristic-looking device is worth the possible drawbacks, then being an early adopter for the bendy Samsung phone may make perfect sense. As stated, the "bendy" Samsung phone will be on the shelves a few weeks after the turn of the year.


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