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A Couple Of Days After Launch, Move To iOS Trolled By Android Fanboys

Sep 18, 2015 02:33 AM EDT

Not even a week on the Google Play Store, and the Android fanboys have fully trolled the Move to iOS App, just because.

It’s definitely to be expected, given that Apple just put their foot in the door in Google’s territory. There has been an on-going rivalry between the two camps—The Apple Fanboys vs the Android Fanboys—in spite of the fact that the two tech giants actually collaborate together, and Google’s founders were inspired by Apple’s innovation and clout in the industry.

To backtrack, Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have always been vocal about how Steve Jobs was an inspiration for them, and they expressed as much at length when they issued their condolences for tech icon Steve Jobs when he succumbed to pancreatic cancer in 2011. They expressed, to Mashable, how Steve Jobs was always their inspiration, and he was one of the icons they looked up to when they built Google.

Read more on Mashable: Google Founders: Steve Jobs Was an Inspiration: http://mashable.com/2011/10/05/google-founders-steve-jobs/

But the Android Fanboys don’t care, really. When the Move to iOS app appeared on the Google Play Store, it was open for scrutiny, and trolling. A day after the Move to iOS app appeared on the Google Play Store, its overall rating was at 1.8. As of the moment, it’s down to 1.7, after a deluge of 1-Star ratings.

Most of the ratings are nothing but baseless, raw criticism, even trolling of the app. Some reviews state such hilarious and ridiculous pronouncements, that it’s hard to take them seriously, at all. These are a few samples of the reviews posted on the Move to iOS app page:

Udhab KC September 17, 2015

Stay Away from this app unless you are ready to live rest of your life without one kidney. I installed it on my new Xperia M4 Aqua dual and it suggested me to buy two iphone6 plus since I've been using dual SIM handset. Not worth it.

Marty Ballard September 16, 2015

Poor functionality I attempted to switch to ios (apparently zombies ate my brain) and my iPhone 3G would not accept my data. Also, my micro USB would not fit.

Mids Para September 17, 2015

Why move to Crapple? I'm not a fan of locked down OS and a device that ran out of ideas years ago. I like an OS that leads the way and not one that keeps trying to re invent the wheel.

The Verge compiled more of the hilarious comments on their article, “Android fanboys are trolling Apple’s Move to iOS app with 1-star reviews”: http://www.theverge.com/2015/9/17/9344351/move-to-ios-app-getting-1-star-troll-reviews For those who are serious on migrating their data to an iOS device, it’s better to just download and use the app, and ignore the reviews.

Read Droid Report’s first story on the app here—Moving To iOS? Apple Made It Easier: http://www.droidreport.com/moving-ios-apple-made-it-easier-11184

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