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YouTube Gaming To Have Live Streaming For Android Games, Too

Sep 18, 2015 02:12 AM EDT

Droid Report previously broke the news that YouTube is gearing to create a separate platform for game livestreaming. Today, there’s more: YouTube will also host Android live stream gaming on the YouTube Gaming platform. Mobile gaming is big among the gaming community, especially in Japan. This is why Android gaming for YouTube Gaming will be launched first in Japan.

Since YouTube Gaming’s launches in the US and the UK last August 2015, Japan will be the next market to enjoy the new platform, now with Android gaming built into it. YouTube Gaming’s Ryan Watt communicates why it’s crucial to target Japan first, among the other countries:

"Japan's mobile games define its gaming culture, far more so than in other countries. This trend shows there's a real need for gamers to easily share what's on their screen with the gaming community, as it happens." With Japan’s lengthy legacy of providing the world with iconic games such as the Mario franchise, Street Fighter, Tekken, and even Gran Turismo, there is no doubt that Japan is the gaming capital of the world.

Gaming is a trillion-dollar global industry, with US video game sales alone bagging $6.1 billion. Money spent on console games in the US has gone up to $8.4 billion. The overall value of the US entertainment and media market is at $594.7 billion.

Internationally, global gaming software spending has gone up to $51.13 billion, while global video game spending has reached $101.62 billion. Overall, the value of the international entertainment and media market is at $1.93 trillion. All of these figures were taken from

As you can see, the video game industry is not all fun and games. It is a very serious cash cow, with very serious money figures, and definitely the real currency to back up those figures, flooding in. As a trillion-dollar international industry, it definitely makes sense for the tech companies to make moves and cash in on it. With YouTube giving gamers multiple sources of their gaming demo live streaming fixes, Google is definitely poised to get a sizable chunk out of that trillion-dollar stream of moolah.

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