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Moving To iOS? Apple Made It Easier

Sep 16, 2015 09:20 PM EDT

For those who are deliberately planning to ditch Android in favor of iOS, this app may be a very helpful tool. For those who are skeptics at heart, this app may be seen as a not-so-subtle siren call to move from Android, straight from the heart of Cupertino.

Apple has finally inched over to the Google Play Store and planted its “Switch from Android to iOS” app smack dab in the middle of Google and Android territory. The app, officially called “Move to iOS,” is a migration tool for those who either want to synchronize their Androids with their Apple devices, or those who want to leave the Android platform completely.

For the moment, even Apple fanboys are not delighted, as the app has an overall rating of just 1.8 out of 5 stars, with only 832 downloads since its September 16, 2015 launch. While most of the ratings are rife with iOS vs. Android snarks, a prospective user may also find useful information, such as the app’s interface, as well as information on compatibility with certain iPhone models.

The basics though, appear simple: Install the app on your Android, hook both Android and your iDevice onto the same WiFi network, and your iDevice will find the Android running the “Move to iOS app.” Apple claims that the process is simple and fuss-free.

The iDevice will create a private WiFi network which finds your Android running the app. The sync will move your message history, email accounts, contacts, your photos, and even your calendars. What it doesn’t move, however, are your apps. TechCrunch’s Drew Olanoff notes that, had Apple integrated an app migration function, “that would have been cool.”

He also enjoyed the comments. To download or test the app, as well as to read the anti-Apple or anti-Samsung sentiments, head on over to the Google Play page:

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