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Three Bits From Apple's September 9th Event

Sep 11, 2015 02:16 AM EDT


Every time Apple has an event, fanboys and rivals alike are all abuzz, and with good reason: Apple, as a brand, supposedly sets the standard for innovation. After how the iPhone 6 finally catches up to the best of Androids in form factor and specs, of course, the rest of the tech world is curious about what Apple will bring to the table now.

The answer: Nothing that Samsung didn’t pull out of its hat, first.

Here are three of Apple’s biggest announcements from their 9/9/2015 event:

*The iPad Pro Is Huge.

It is 12.9 inches. And it has neat accessories: A Smart Keyboard, and the Apple Pen.

Weeks ago, we talked about the extra-large Samsung Tahoe, so Samsung wins in both announcing their large-screen device first, as well as in making a BIGGER gadget: The Samsung Tahoe’s 18.4 inches is a whole lot bigger than the iPad Pro’s 12.9 inches.

While the Smart Keyboard’s Smart Connector is certainly new, a true innovation from the Cupertino company, there’s absolutely nothing new about the folio keyboard concept. It’s a design factor that the iPad brought into the market, and it’s common across Apple and Android tablets alike.

And the “new” Apple Pen. Samsung debuted it first, years ago, with the Samsung S-Pen that came with the first-ever Samsung Galaxy Note. Sure, the South Korean company is struggling to ensure that its devices are on the bleeding edge of technology nowadays, and it’s certainly made some fatally wrong decisions in choosing which features to prune in its latest flagships, but still, the S-Pen was here way before the Apple Pen. Next.

To be fair to the iPad Pro, it is still a well-thought-out machine. It seems marketed for productivity, with creatives in mind, and seems capable of handling what creatives may require of it.

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*The iPhone 6S And iPhone 6S Plus Receive A Bump In Camera Resolution.

From the standard 8 Megapixels seen on the last issue of the iPhone, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus finally “catch up” to the higher-megapixel cameras on Android phones. For the most part, Apple’s design sensibility for its devices’ visual resolutions has been based on the optimal resolutions discernible to the human eye. Since the optimal resolution discernible by the eye is at 530 ppi at a 20-foot distance, Apple had kept its devices on 326 ppi resolution for the display, and at 8MP for the cameras. Now, they’ve opted to go for the “bigger guns” in photography, at least for *their* range and record. Android phones are still topping at 13MP on average, and some phones heading for the 20MP range. When you take an Android and an iPhone on a photo-snapping shootout, though, the tendency is that iPhones still take photos with more vibrant colors and greater clarity in detail, in spite of iPhones having “lower” resolutions on paper.

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*A New Payment Scheme.

Recently, Droid Report revealed that Verizon will stop subsidizing iPhones and other devices, and instead, will modify its payment scheme and adopt a paradigm more similar to T-Mobile: The user will pay for the device and the cellular contract separately. Apple makes moves to keep their devices affordable, as they will now subsidize their devices on their own installment schemes. This ensures that in spite of the premium price tag for their devices, the market will still gleefully snap up their goodies, because they’ll be affordable, at least, when the consumer considers how much they’ll pay for it in one go. A preemptive move that ensures that they won’t go the way of Samsung, losing billions in profits no thanks to the miscalculations on the South Korean giant’s flagship releases.

On this note, the older iPhones have also been given massive price cuts. Way to go, Apple.

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The week ended on a high note for Apple, and let’s see how the Android companies will move to top that.

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