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Apple Eats Into Android's Market Share

Sep 02, 2015 10:24 PM EDT

It seems like Apple is giving Androids a run for its money, at least, in Europe. Apple sales have eaten into Android sales in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, as Android smartphone sales dropped by 4.1% while Apple iPhone sales increased by 2.5%. From a 75.1% market share last year, Android now enjoys just 71% market share. Meanwhile, Apple now enjoys a 17% market share, up from 15.5% last year.

What could be the reason why the scales are tipping, and against Android’s favor? Kantar Worldpanel ComTech’s chief of research Carolina Milanesi tells CNET that these could be the factors:

-Most European consumers are on prepaid, as opposed to locked-in and on contracts for US consumers. This paradigm allows European consumers to change phones, brands, and platforms as often or as rarely as they choose. Being on a prepaid paradigm also gives the European consumer more choice, leading to less brand loyalty.

-The “Apple geeks” vs. “Android geeks” camps are less defined in Europe. Unlike in the US where Android loyalists are far more snobby and regard Apple with distaste, European consumers are more Zen. Apparently, they’re less of “Tech Nazis” than American consumers are.

-There are less first-time smartphone buyers in Europe than there are in the US. And to go back to the fact that Europeans are on a prepaid paradigm, those who already have smartphones tend to keep their units longer. American consumers tend to change their smartphones more regularly and more frequently.

Elsewhere internationally, here are the market fluctuations for the Android vs. Apple, based on Kantar Worldpanel ComTech’s data:

-Increase for Android in the US: Android’s user base increases by 1.7%. It was 63.9% last year, and it’s now 65.6% this 2015. Meanwhile, Apple’s market share dropped by 2.3% last quarter, and another 1.3% in recent months for the US Market.

-Decrease for Android in Australia: Android’s user base is currently at 56.1% in Australia, reflecting a 10.5% drop. Apple's market share is now at 34.9%, showing a 7.9% rise.

-Decrease for Android in Japan: Android’s market share dropped 7%, while Apple’s market share rose 6.3%.

-Decrease for Android in China: Android sales have dropped by 5.5% in the world’s most populous country, while Apple sales have risen by 5.9%.

From this data, it can be inferred that more international consumers are reaching for an Apple, while more American consumers are warming up to Androids. As per the figures, though, more Europeans still favor the Android as 71% of the market is a far cry from a 17% slice of the pie.

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