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Alto's Adventure To Be Ported To Android

Sep 01, 2015 11:19 PM EDT


Fans of running games were impressed with Alto’s Adventure on iOS. The Verge describes the game as “one of the best mobile games in quite some time,” owing to its “fluid gameplay, beautiful visuals, and incredibly chill vibe.” That “incredibly chill vibe” will no longer be restricted to iOS users, as the game is coming to the Android.

The premise is simple: The player hurtles down cliffs, jumps across chasms and trees, and slides through banner wires on a snowboard. If Temple Run has gotten old as a running game, soon, Android gamers will have Alto’s Adventure to play alongside Temple Run, or replace it altogether.

Alto’s Adventure’s Android developer, Noodlecake Studios, also developed “Super Stickman Golf.” The original developer for the iOS is “Snowman,” whose app portfolio includes “Super Squares,” “Circles,” and productivity apps “Shifts,” and “Checkmark.”

While Temple Run has a very textured, very layered, even over-stimulating feel, Alto’s Adventure is simple, elegant, and, indeed, has a “chill vibe,” by contrast.

Indeed, Snowman’s Ryan Cash affirms that simplicity and elegance were what they aimed for in creating the game:

“We wanted it to be a beautiful experience but the gameplay and fun factor matters just as much to us.”

The Verge further describes the game as “an art game fused with a fun little time waster.”

For those who just want to space out and slide down a virtual cliff, and occasionally jump across chasms, Alto’s Adventure may be the perfect stress-busting game one can play on the weekends, or on a commute, after a hard day’s work. The visuals may also boost the relaxing factor, completing the stress-busting game experience.


Fans of Alto’s Adventure may visit the Alto’s Adventure website: http://altosadventure.com/

Check out Snowman’s App Portfolio here: http://builtbysnowman.com/

Check out Noodlecake Studios’ App Portfolio and other news here: http://www.noodlecake.com/

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