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Samsung May Roll Out A New Line: Enter The Samsung Galaxy O Line Of Phones

Aug 18, 2015 09:30 PM EDT

Samsung is introducing a new letter into its lineup: The Samsung O line of phones.

While Samsung doesn’t follow the Alphabet’s sensibilities in naming its devices or even in the hierarchy of the mobiles, there are discernible patterns in the phone’s nomenclature:

A—The Samsung Galaxy A line is made up of mid-range devices with a metallic finish.

E—This line is a series of more affordable Galaxy A’s.

J—These are entry-level Samsungs, better than other companies’ entry-level lineup, but entry-level, still.

S—This is the flagship series, as we saw with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge.

Z—This is the line powered by the Tizen OS.

There was a brief appearance of the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, which was a high-powered digital camera with a phone, incidentally.

There is no word yet on what the Samsung Galaxy O can offer, but rumors say that there will be a Samsung Galaxy O5, which might be a 5-inch phone, and a Samsung Galaxy O7, which might be a 5.5.-inch phablet. Internally, the O5 is said to be known as the SM-G550, while the O7 is the SM-G600. There is no word yet on which niche the Samsung Galaxy O will target.

On the note of Samsung’s product line nomenclature, there are models they released under full monikers, such as the “Samsung Galaxy Grand,” a midrange phablet, the “Samsung Galaxy Young,” which was a series of tiny 3-inch entry-level Androids, the Samsung Galaxy Beam, which sported a built-in projector, and the Samsung Galaxy XCover, which is waterproof and shockproof. Samsung also released the Mega series, which is also a large-screen phablet a little bigger than the Grand. There was also a short-lived line of QWERTY feature phones known as the Ch@t line.

What does Samsung have up its sleeve with the Samsung Galaxy O? Let’s wait with bated breath over the next few months.

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