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The Android M Has A Name: We Have "Marshmallow," Ladies, Gents And Android Fanatics

Aug 18, 2015 08:40 PM EDT

Scratch “Muffin,” “Milkshake,” “Mint Chip,” “Macaron,” or even “Macadamia Nut Cookie,” we have “Marshmallow.”

Also, contrary to speculations and former rumor reports, Android M won’t be a 5.2., but it will push through being Android 6.0.

The Internet, especially the Tech pundits on Twitter, went wild with the August 17th announcement. Android 6.0 Marshmallow will be rolled out this fall, but Google Nexus devices can now access previews of the new OS version. They will also have the privilege to update their devices over-the-air. Google Nexus users: Be reminded to flash your device to a factory image to prepare it for the OTA upgrade.

The final version of the Android 6.0 SDK has also been released so that developers can now update their apps to work with the system.

With this new OS coming out, the Android Marshmallow upgrade comes head to head with the iOS 9 upgrade, which is also coming this fall.

As already discussed on our previous articles “The Android M: Improvements To Look Forward To When It Rolls Out,” and “Release Date, Rumored Version Number For Android M,” the Android M has these following improvements in the system:

-A one-click method of clearing out the connections you’ve accessed. This is good for Android users who frequently use several WiFi points, including free public WiFi. This feature will also be good for Bluetooth connections.

-RAM management will be easier, so optimizing your device would be built into the system. Would there be a need to use third-party RAM managers? Those who get to upgrade before the rest of the crowd would know first.

-Fully-integrated fingerprint detection, as well as Android Pay. This would be great for the demographic that prefers contactless payments, as compared to fumbling for their credit cards at every pay station. Be on the lookout for security issues, however, and practice safe credit card and electronic payment use. Utilize 2-step verification, wherever you can.

While the early adopters would definitely be at the forefront of enjoying the system upgrades offered by the Android M, there is still a very real issue at hand, as described in another previous Droid Report article, “Android Lollipop Only 18% Of The Market, Pundits Say Forking To Blame.” How many users would choose to upgrade to Android M, we’ll find out when the OS officially rolls out this September.

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