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Bethesda's Fallout Shelter Has A Fatal Bug On The Android App

Aug 17, 2015 05:58 PM EDT


Fans of the simulation game Fallout Shelter may do well to steer clear of the game on the Android, unless they have a high-powered device to play with.

Gamers report of a bug that causes the game to crash when resources are low. The crash also happens on the iOS version, but the Android app has worse limitations in that this bug causes gamers to lose progress in the game, completely.

Players who use the game on devices that have adequate horsepower do not complain of crashes, however. But in the event that resources such as RAM or the processor’s capacity max out, the game would crash and the data and playing progress are lost. This results in gamers losing the hours and the structures they’ve built throughout the game.

Fallout Shelter’s gameplay revolves around creating a survival bunker. The game calls these as “Vaults.” The player selects characters, or Vault Dwellers, based on these qualities:








The player then places these characters in rooms on the Vaults, wherever they’re most suited, and if a male character is placed with a female character, they breed. The objective is to grow the Vaults, keep the Dwellers happy, and to keep growing the settlement.

It would then be understandable how, as a player progresses deeper into the game: Seeing more births happen in his settlement, seeing the Vaults grow, gathering more coins, weapons, XP, and the like, that when a crash cuts through in the middle of the game that hasn’t properly been saved, and the player loses ALL his data, it’s rather frustrating. After all, a player spends hours building their Vaults, only to see everything lost. More than that, Lunchboxes, which are needed to level up in the game, can cost real money, and so do some upgrades. If you’re the type of casual gamer who spends on his games, you’re going to regret it when a crash wipes out what you’ve spent.

Bethesda Softworks LLC, the creators of the game, have yet to comment on this issue.

Meanwhile, iOS users have reported similar crashes, but their game progress has not been affected.

Gaming guides suggest making sure that your ROM has ample space, your RAM has been cleared, your battery is far from drained, and all other apps are killed. That is, if you really want to force the issue and play the game on Android. Players may also request refunds from Google Play, in case purchases have been made.

Android users will have to wait for a fix from Bethesda, or play the game from an iOS device. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of other games in the Play Store. A similar game is “Doomsday Preppers” from G5 Games, and the gameplay is very close to Fallout Shelter.

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