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Apple Makes The Apple Watch More Flexible, Adds Wrist Sizes

Aug 16, 2015 10:15 PM EDT


A lot of consumers are considering getting an Apple watch, but some of these prospective Apple Watch users may have hit a setback: Apple Watches max out at a length of 205mm, leaving out those with larger wrists. However, Apple remedied that, rolling out wrist bands that are adjustable up to 245mm.

The average circumference of women's wrists usually range from 140mm to 175mm, while men's wrists can range from 165mm to 195mm. However, with a good chunk of the demographic having larger measurements, there is a wide customer base that could be missed, because of the relatively “tiny” Apple Watch wristbands.

Apple’s solution to the larger-wrists-and-longer-wristbands dilemma is to roll out the 42mm Link Bracelet Kit, which extends the original Link Bracelet by up to an additional 40mm. This brings the original circumference of the Apple watch from 205mm, up to 245mm. This is perfect for those who just have larger bones, or just have larger and thicker wrists.

The 42mm Link Bracelet Kit is priced at $49, which is rather reasonable for those who need the extra berth. While some point out that this seems to be a “tax” of sorts for those who need larger bracelets, the extra they need to shell out for the extra length is actually reasonable enough, especially since the extreme sizes may well be a specialized demographic.

On the other hand, Apple also added larger sizes to their Sport Band variant, with the L/XL size fitting a range between 195mm to 245mm.

These are the largest sizes available for all types of Apple Watch wristbands:

Modern Buckle: 160mm to 180mm

Milanese Loop: 150mm to 200mm

Leather Loop: 180mm to 210mm

Classic Buckle: 145mm to 215mm

Sport Band: 195mm to 245mm

Link Bracelet: 140mm to 205mm (as-is); 205mm to 245mm (via the additional links)

Larger wrists no longer need to be a detriment to a user grabbing an Apple Watch. With the Link Bracelet Kit available, and with larger sizes for some of the models, fitting into an Apple Watch won’t have to be a challenge anymore.

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