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LastPass Now FREE For New Signups On Mobile

Aug 13, 2015 01:28 AM EDT


LastPass counts as one of the more trusted password managers on the market. There are numerous benefits to using a password manager, and coupled with two-factor authentication, it could turn out to be a very secure deterrent to hacking.

The reasons why a user should get a password manager instead of just rely on browser-based password managers are numerous:

-Browser-based password managers tend to be less secure, and could be easily penetrated by a hacking attempt, or even password-harvesting malware.

-Third-party password managers like LastPass encrypt the passwords, making sure that these cannot be read by malware or hackers.

-With two-factor authentication, LastPass may render users’ passwords impenetrable to hacking.

-Password managers such as LastPass give the user a way to avoid entering passwords manually, enabling them to circumvent the mechanisms of keylogging software.

Regarding the two-factor authentication feature, this is possibly the best way to ensure maximum security for one’s accounts. With alerts for unauthorized logins in place, the user could be alerted as a possible hacker makes an attempt to break into their accounts. More than that, the user gets to create actions to mitigate the situation, such as immediately change passwords, or lock down the unauthorized login.

That being said, LastPass is one of the best security solutions for a cross-platform user. One account can be integrated with desktop and mobile logins.

In the past, LastPass has offered a free account for the desktop, and then requires users to sign up for a rather affordable Premium version, which will allow them to sync desktop passwords with mobile apps. At only $1 a month or $12 a year, this is a very reasonable fee for the service. However, LastPass has updated their system to give new signups from mobile a very sweet deal indeed: All new users who sign up for LastPass using the mobile app will get the service FOR FREE, across mobile devices, regardless of whether they’re smartphones or tablets. LastPass will require Premium membership if the user wants to use it between desktop and mobile platforms, however.

This comes as great news, as, in the past, LastPass does not offer free accounts for mobile users; they need to have a desktop account first, then upgrade to Premium, in order to use the account on mobile apps. With this new option, a user can have a wholly-free LastPass account on desktop, then another wholly-free LastPass account on mobile. If they want just one account across platforms, $12 a year isn’t so bad.

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