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Got iPhone? You're Screwed!

Aug 07, 2015 02:10 AM EDT

The iOS 9 is rolling out barely a month away, and major changes are arriving on the OS. And those changes are NOT what you think they are.

Dutch YouTubers “Dit Is Normaal” pointed out that some of those “new” iOS features aren’t exactly new to the Android—Android users have been enjoying those features for several updates, now. The YouTubers say in their video, “Apple Fanboys LOVE Android,” that iOS 9 copied a whole lot of features straight from the Android.

The fact of the matter is, they showed around an iPhone with Android installed on it, or what could possibly be just an iPhone clone from China, sporting the latest Android OS.

They walked around the streets of their city in Netherlands, showing off the phone’s features. Unwitting participants of the video were gushing, essentially: “Everything is just better with Apple!” One guy seemed to have gotten a hint, saying, “It looks completely different, doesn’t it?” and another was so close to spelling out the belated April Fool’s joke, saying, “I think it looks exactly like Android, we’ve got this exactly.”

In the end, the iOS 9 won’t copy the Android, and nobody will be seeing Android on an Apple device soon. However, the Asian market is rife with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus knockoffs straight from the heart of China, so if you want to go ahead and prank your Apple fanboy (and fangirl) friends, score one off of eBay or Alibaba.com, and show them your Android-powered “iPhone.”

The bottom line, though, is everything is just more “sale-able” when you call it an “Apple.”

For die-hard Android fans, however, it’s a very big MEH.

Some die-hard BFF’s of Bugdroid say that if a gag channel paraded an iPhone around and called it an “Android,” the Bugdroid die-hards would be able to spot the difference immediately and say, “This phone sucks!” without batting an eyelash.

Call it brand loyalty. Call it fanboyism. To each their own. Happy April Fool’s on the first week of August.

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