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Phone Leak: The Next Huawei Honor Will Sport A Sliding Camera

Aug 05, 2015 01:10 AM EDT


When it comes to the smartphone race, it’s all about creating a device that the public will love. Sometimes, it’s about innovation, sometimes, it’s about integrating elements that have worked, time and again. For Huawei’s latest Honor, it looks like the company wants to play the “innovation” card.

The latest rumored Huawei Honor sports a camera module that slides out with a touch of a button. It’s an odd design, as the front camera also occupies the same space as the main camera. To use the front camera, however, the user has to utilize the slide-out function.

Huawei emerged as the third smartphone maker, based on sales. These were figures from Counterpoint’s research from the second quarter of 2015. In the past months, the smartphone maker has been rolling out new models rapidly. Barely had the Ascend line matured with the latest flagship when they rolled out a new flagship model. The Honor line has also been lined up with new models just as fast.

The Honor line was developed for the mid-range market, with an online-only sales and marketing model, to cut overhead costs. This latest leak via the TENAA website shows that Huawei isn’t hesitant to push boundaries and create never-seen-before innovations.

The current model is just labeled as the Huawei ATH-AL00, but those who are in the know speculate that it will get an Honor-branded name soon. The specs aren’t out yet, but speculations indicate that this model may sport dual SIM cards, as other Huawei Honor models have had. It may also carry the in-house Kirin chipset that Huawei uses with its devices.

Regarding the sliding camera function, moving parts such as those always come with the risk of being prone to wear and tear. The flex module on flip phones always have that problem, so expect to see the Huawei ATH-AL00 to require a little bit of extra care.

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